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King Lear

Shakespeare's drama about the vanity King Lear, told in a nonverbal, sparkling, heartbreaking puppet show version for the whole family.

"W-o-r-l-d  c-l-a-s-s  puppet theater"

– Børn I Byen

King Lear is old and must share his kingdom between his three daughters. He will do this according to how much they love him. But how do you measure love in Lear's world?

Two bakers who are going to bake Lear’s birthday cake tell the story. In a simple and comic way, they knead, bake, share and serve the drama so that children from age of six can understand.

As in all the Shakespeare's tragedies, all ends terribly wrong, and Lear finally understand his mistake ...  you cannot put a price on love.

Concept and Stage Director: Jacques S Matthiessen

Set Design: Rolf Søborg Hansen and Christian Q Clausen

On Stage: Finn Rye and Lene Hummelshøj


Produced at HamletScenen in 2014 and 2015.

From summer 2018 there will be a tour-friendly set up from Passepartout Theatre Production.

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