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Technical Rider – To BE


Stage dimensions:   Width: 4 meters  Depth: 4 meters  Height: 2,5 meters

Audience: maximum 60

‘Stage’ on the floor – NOT a ‘high’ scene, podium or alike.

Nice with a ‘smaller’ room/theater and with a calm wall as background, but it is not a requirement.


Black out preferred – or just as dark as possible, because of projections on a screen.

Power needed: 220 V

We bring all the technical equipment we use and need.

However, it happens we need an extension cord

To BE is a nonverbal object-theater performance, where the story unfolds on a table.

The Puppets/Objects are 15 cm high.

Therefore, it is important to have the audience in FRONT and seats in rising levels.

It is OK with seats/pads at the floor/benches/chairs/tables to sit on.

(In Denmark or elsewhere, where we are able to arrive in car, we bring seat-pads and benches.)

Technical Rider and drawing of stage set up - please click on the PDF:

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