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To BE is a joyful and imaginative performance for children about Human Rights.


To BE precedes in a nonverbal, funny and inventive object theater universe, where moments of comic and serious situations intimately interact with the music and digital illustrations.


The artist works at his table, where figures and objects emerge from the most unexpected materials. Suddenly we are in the middle of a personal, intimate story, following a life in joy as in sorrow … constantly running into obstacles, violations and redemptions of basic human rights.


To BE is a hopeful performance about your, mine - our right to a life in dignity.


The performance is suitable for children from 6 – 12 years – and the whole family. It is designed for easy touring and can be performed almost everywhere.


Created and performed by Jacques S Matthiessen

Music: Ole Højer Hansen

Consultants: Kristian Knudsen, Christian Q Clausen, Lene Hummelshøj, Peter Holst, Cathrine Poher, Pernille Plantener Holst, Daniel Seferian Spies, Line Krogh.


To BE is developed in collaboration with GLOBAL CSR.

To BE has recieved support from: The Danish Arts Foundation and Global CSR 

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