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A fresh, figurative and quit different puppet show version of Othello, with dramatic focus on Shakespeare’s political rapture.

"***** for Othello - s delight for the eye - a bit of a business"

- CPH Culture

Two political spin-doctors meet to make an account over a chess-party. On the game board, there is no room for any scruples, and the nasty story unfolds - about how the sneaky Jago with dirty tricks and fatal lies distorts the head of the naive Othello - just to reach the top of power.

And it is Shakespeare - nobody is spared,  there are no winner, everybody dies.

In short - half an hour's serious, nonverbal entertainment for the whole family!

Concept and Stage Director: Jacques S Matthiessen

Set Design: Christian Q Clausen

Puppets: Martynas Lukosius

On Stage: Finn Rye and Lene Hummelshøj

Produced at HamletScenen in 2017.

From summer 2018 there will be a tour-friendly set up from Passepartout Theatre Production.

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