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Prospero Workshop II 

Prospero Workshop II is a development and continuation of an idea about a Nordic-International exchange program - a cross-cultural sharing of knowledge within Performing Arts for children and the young audience.

In May 2015 we held the first Prospero Workshop in collaboration with Landskrona Teater in Sweden and colleagues from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Uganda, Nepal and Burkina Faso.


Prospero Workshop II is a Nordic-international theater-development project, organized in collaboration with Teater Joker/Norway and Unga Malmö Stadsteater/Sweden . The workshop adresses to the actor - as dramatist.


In June 2019, 21 actors from Burkina Faso, Nepal, Uganda, China, Norway, Sweden and Denmark  met and worked in a cross-cultural dramatist laboratory. The purpose and intention of the workshop was to develop new stories for theater for children and young audiences - To relate, reflect, invent and create stories for a new time.

The 21 participants - 3 from each of the 7 countries, were all personally invited by national ‘ambassadors’ - course of their experiences and dedication to performing arts for children and young people.


Nepal: Deeya Maskey, Rajan Khatiwada, Suraj Malla

Norway: Kari Ramnefjell, Haakon Strøm, Sindre Strand Offerdal

Burkina Faso: Edoxi Gnoula, Thierry Oueda, Hyacinthe Kabre

Sweden: Lilja Fredrikson, Karim Rashed, Björn Löfgren

China: Jan Huang Jing, Gabriel Qingyu Zhang, Tao Geng

Uganda: Juliet Nantambi, Jackline Kabatesi, Denis Agaba

Denmark: Lisa Gertum Becker, Lene Hummelshøj, Dirck Backer

 The workshop had a duration of two weeks, 10 days intense work in a story-laboratory and, in the end, 3 days with Public readings, presentations, intercultural debates and networking events.

In the laboratory part, the actors worked in 3 groups, 1 participant from each country – sharing experiences, thoughts, stories, tools and methods – to search for and create a common story they wanted to tell and unfold. 

Mentors for the workshop were Jacques S. Matthiessen/Passepartout Theatre Production, Denmark and Niels Peter Underland/Teater Joker, Norway.

For this part of the workshop we worked at SEANSE Art Center in Volda, Norway.


The second part of the project/workshop was 3 public readings, intercultural debates and networking events. The team presented their stories and results from the laboratory and selected issues and obstacles on cross-cultural work was under debate - in different programs at the different venues and cities.


June 16 – at Sentralen in Oslo /Norway

18.00 - 20.00, hosted by ASSITEJ Norway, Sentralen and Teater Joker

June 18 – at Malmö Stadsteater/Sweden

15.00 - 18.30, hosted by Unga Malmö Stadsteater, Teater 23, and Barnteaterakademin

June 19 – at Teater GROB in Copenhagen/Denmark

15.00 - 19.00, hosted by ASSITEJ Denmark, Teatercentrum, Teater GROB and Passepartout Theatre Production.






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The project is supported by

SEANSE Art Center

Danish Arts Foundation

Swedish Arts Council

Arts Council Norway

Nordic Culture Point – Culture and Art Programme

Nordic Culture Point – Mobility Programme

OsloMet/Oslo Metropolitan University

Fund for performing artists/Norway

Swedish Arts Grants Committee

Danish Artists’ Union

The Association of Danish Stage Directors / FDS

The Association of Danish Playwrigts/Danske Dramatikere


ASSITEJ Norway and Sentralen/Oslo – International event in Oslo, Malmö Stadsteater, Barnteaterakademin and Teater 23 – International event in Malmö

ASSITEJ Denmark, Teatercentrum and Teater GROB – International event in Copenhagen

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