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But they started!

Who started!?

They started!


A collaboration with Khayal Theatre, Beirut/Lebanon.

How often doesn’t a small trifle grow to a huge matter, because of our entrenched prejudices?


’But they started!’ is a warm, clever and amusing performance about something so serious and relevant as xenophobia, conceited adults and preconceptions. Two little boys defy the adult foolishness and go out into the world to find the source of the conflict.


The show is aimed, at eye level, for children between 5-9 years and the whole family. It is a nonverbal puppet performance, full of music, drama and humor-, which speak directly to our hearts.


A phenomenal play about children’s spontaneous ability to be friends and adult’s destructive ability to bear grudges.”

  - Anne Middelboe Christensen, Børneteateravisen


On Stage: Lene Hummelshøj, Gaia Rosberg and

                Christine Gaski


Idea and Stage Director: Jacques S Matthiessen

Composer: Fredrik Lundin

Set Designer: Rolf Søborg Hansen

Puppets: Walid Dakroub and Jacques S Matthiessen

But they Started has recieved support from: The Danish Arts Foundation, Anna Lind Foundation and Margrethe og Prins Henriks Fond 

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