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Romeo & Juliet

A light, unconventional version for the whole family, where the Monk Lorenzo – with deep seriousness and humor - navigates us through Shakespeare's classical drama about the feuding families and the adolescent, impossible love.

He tell the story without a word and with help from his co-actors - his garden tools! Booms, shovels and rakes turns out to be a surprising and lively person gallery accompanied by Fredrik Lundin's magical music.

Concept and Stage Director: Jacques S Matthiessen

Developed with Finn Rye in 2013.

Set Design: Rolf Søborg Hansen, Christian Q Clausen

On Stage: Olaf Højgaard

"A lively mini-drama for children ... without words, but with sensually tense acting, great music and unbelievably imaginative dolls .... and to understand, though the staging focuses very sharp on the feud between the Montague and Capulet families and the impossible love between their teenage children. "

-Randi K. Pedersen / Teateravisen

Produced at HamletScenen in 2013.

In 2016 a new set up was made for British Library in London.

From summer 2018 there will be a tour-friendly set up from Passepartout Theatre Production.

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