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In the Shadow of the Sun

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In the Shadow of the Sun is a performance developed in collaboration with Cercle des Art Vivants/Burkina Faso and Landskrona Teater/Sweden 2012.

It is a warm and comic performance for children and adults about being an immigrant - a stranger! - and how we relate to the immigrants.


Two brothers are looking for the 'The Land of Happiness' . The big brother, who is an architect, is totally sure they will be welcomed and find luck and happiness. The little brother, who is a doctor, is not as sure and wants to go home again to their mother in the village. They finally arrive to "The Land of Happiness' and they are very surprised ...


In the Shadow of the Sun was in it's first version in 2012 and 2013 performed by two actors from Burkina Faso, a lively bouquet of marionettes and two Nordic puppeteers/actors. The actors spoke Gramelot (nonsense language) and the puppets Swedish and Danish.

In March 2017 we made a new version - in Burkina Faso, with the same two actors and four local, young and talented puppeteers. It was a warm and great experience - a in many ways a NEW performance! It premiered at Festival La Ruche in Ouagadougou.


Dramatist and director: Jacques S. Matthiessen

Set Design: Issa Ouedraogo                                          Puppets: Jacques S. Matthiessen, Malene Bjelke, Carl Press

Composer: Torben Snekkerstad

Actors: Charles Wattara, Gérard Ouédraogo          Puppeteers/actors in original: Søren Møller Pedersen, Marie Sehlin                                                   

In the Shadow of the Sun has recieved support from: The Danish Arts Foundation and Nordisk Kulturfond. 

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